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Game Mechanics

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Street Cred[edit | edit source]

Street Cred is earned by Serving Time in prison. You earn street cred at the rate of 1 per $13,333,333,333 earned. However the game keeps track of lifetime Street Cred earnings, so for instance if you earn $1,333,333,333,333 and Serve Time you will gain 100 Street Cred. However you will now need to earn ($1,333,333,333,333 + $13,333,333,333 = ) $1,346,666,666,666 to earn just 1 more Street Cred.

The exact Formula used for Street Cred is:[edit | edit source]

newXP = Floor( (PlayerMoneyThisSession * 0.0000000000750 ) - (CurrentPlayerExp + LifetimePlayerExpSpent) );

Bonus Income (From Street Cred)[edit | edit source]

For every point of Street Cred you have, you will get a small bonus to your income when selling products. This bonus can add up to a HUGE increase in income after a few times serving time in prison. Because of this its always a good idea to keep some of your street cred and not spend it all after serving time.

The exact formula is:[edit | edit source]

xpMult = Pow(Log(CurrentStreetCred, 17.5), 2.0);

So, for example:

Current Street Cred Total Income Bonus
10 0.64718904195057 (Can't go below 1x though)
100 2.58875616780228
1,000 5.82470137755513
10,000 10.3550246712091
100,000 16.1797260487643
1,000,000 23.2988055102205
1,000,000,000 93.1952220408821